What is Total Miner?

Total Miner is a sandbox game available on Xbox Live Indie Games and coming soon to Windows PC via Steam. Taking inspiration from games such as Miner: Dig Deep and Minecraft, you are set free in a large open world. What you do in your world is up to you. Do you want to explore caves, build a massive city, battle enemies, or just have fun with your friends in online multiplayer?

In creative mode, our powerful creative tools make building fantastic worlds easier than ever. Clear and fill large areas, copy and paste, or flood areas with your choice of blocks. Of course you can always build block by block as well.
Dig Deep is our objective based mode. You set off in a new world, collecting blueprints that allow you to craft new and fantastic items. Your goal is to reach the very bottom of the world and collect the final blueprint. How deep is this world? You'll have to get there yourself to find out.
Survival mode is our newest addition. There are no blueprints to collect, you can craft or purchase any item you wish, as long as you have the ingredients or coins. Beware of the dark though, as you may have some unfriendly neighbors waiting for you.


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